Thursday, August 20th, 2015, 23:20

Race down empty amazon Jonghua Road. Forestial 

stretch, quieter than scooter’s corrugated roar.

Rip road, follicles collect fog. Go faster. Pretend

it’s Mission Impossible. Discuss direction. 

Admit two. Expand roughly as 200 years pass. 

Each ring tells a story. You are dewy, waxen, 

free. Carve your name, here. Jaclyn 

loves Jonghua. This route digs deepest.




Friday, June 5th, 2015, 12:04

Run up great grey Dashun Street. Terrestrial 

fin, tender to locals. Scooter’s bang body

hugs road, neurons echo flight. Look back, 

clock the damage. Go faster. Fear. 

Pretend it’s Mission Impossible. Don’t let them 

catch you. Wait a month. Dream of bumper

falling, screw snapping, traffic’s plasticity. 

Grow anxious. Apply iodine. Swab and pay up. 

Jacob stays silent. This route digs deepest. 




Friday, June 19th, 2015, time unknown

Rally slant Lushan hairpins. Backseat. 

Mountain lip, blue Suzuki 4×4 lisps. Don’t look

left––rocky rictus and river gape. Fatal drop,  

accelerate, say nothing. The driver only speaks

Mandarin. It’s Mission Impossible. Drift left. 

Octopus branches smash and snarl. Flip 

three times and deal. Men become

birds, wordless. Tea fields carve your 

love. Dig deep. Wear his pungent blood.  •